LibrePlanet 2020 — Gone Virtual

We'll be attending LibrePlanet virtually this year (along with everyone else, since the in-person component has been cancelled due to concerns over the COVID-19 outbreak).

We had planned to have a Birds of a Feather (in-person meetup) at LibrePlanet. Like the conference itself, we'll be moving it online to our IRC channel, #snowdrift on (also bridged to Matrix at We're still nailing down the exact time (pending the new LibrePlanet schedule), but it will likely be Sunday afternoon, as we'd originally planned. We'll update this post when we know! It will take place at 18:15 Boston Time, immediately after the conference concludes.

There were also two talks scheduled to be delivered by persons (although not directly about Snowdrift):

Keep an eye on the LibrePlanet schedule for updates :)

Status Update & Call for Volunteers

We're still working toward the launch — when you can actually pledge to projects and help fund them.

  • itself as the first project has initial pledging active now, but no payments have yet been processed.
  • Right now, one roadblock snowdrift we're focusing on clearing: fixing some UX issues and updated site front-end. We already have updated designs, but we need more frontend developers to help implement them.
  • Otherwise, we're working on solidifying our governance and legal status and on initial outreach to potential early adopter projects to include in our initial full launch.

Our main focus "at" LibrePlanet this year will be recruiting volunteers (particularly frontend developers but not exclusively). Those with less time can still help by engaging and encouraging the overall community at our forum.

Come meet us and ask questions at LibrePlanet (online). Otherwise, keep up with hand washing and stay well everyone!