Humility, Ambition, Optimism, and Delusion

We have all the challenges of any idealistic FLO project plus creating a new type of product (not just a FLO version of existing concepts) plus the challenges of building a co-op/movement/community plus delving into financial and legal issues…

We're still here, more news coming soon…

It's been five years, have we got the road cleared by now? When will finally launch? Is the project still active? I want this to happen! Let me pledge and give you money!… I've heard these types of questions for a while now. I've usually answered like this:

New Poster

Today's update begins with a warm welcome to our new volunteer, Anita! She's been a wonderful addition to the team and with her help, we've finished banners and posters just in time for SCaLE 2016.

Joining the OSI

We are now a formal affiliate member of the Open Source Initiative, and are also getting support for our prototype research and development as an OSI incubator project.