Joining the OSI

We are now a formal affiliate member of the Open Source Initiative, and are also getting support for our prototype research and development as an OSI incubator project.

The New Design

After receiving the students' design, I started to improve whatever I could. I introduced use of the cartoon characters “Mimi & Eunice” by the amazing Nina Paley (whose work is the sort of free/libre/open culture we celebrate, so we can build upon it freely…). I also developed a new logo…

Technical History of

This post aims to provide some perspective on the challenges we've had with building using Haskell and on my personal experience getting into this as someone with virtually zero tech background.

New Design on Its Way

Hi there! With this first post from the design department, I won't talk too much about me but rather present progress so far. …a group of design students create a rather detailed design brief, and two different style tiles…

Snowdrift and Keter

We can now deploy the website with a single command! Starting from the source directory, admins can run `yesod keter` and have an update running live in a matter of minutes.